Interative Product
Tero is an interactive product designed for people who have trouble deciding what to wear before they go out every day.
Weather Indicator
It records the temperature, wind speed and humidity, and calculates the feels-like temperature.


Product With Emotion
Teru expresses its own emotion with all different faces and color projected to the user to communicate.
Teru Teru Bozu
Teru is a Japanese lucky charm, that brings good weather and luck to people.

How does it work

Here's a video of the prototype that we produced to demostrate how it works

Team Role: Lead Designer

This project was a team project. The team generated the idea for this project together and each came up with a design, and the pros in each design was combined into the final design. In this project, I used critical thinking, design research, interview, human-centered design, Fusion 360, Keyshot 11, Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro