Go Vase

Go Vase is a brand-new sustainable approach to floral packaging that incorporates an improved floral lifecycle, an eco-friendlier product, and a multifunctional ergonomic physical design. Floral waste can contain heavy metals and pesticides that cause substantial water and land pollution. Our packaging is made with floral waste, which is collected from flower shops and customers, and recycled paper. The simple folding structure of the packaging is designed to be convenient to carry while also easy to be transformed into a vase. For a small product, Go Vase can positively impact the world.

Sustainable Packaging Design
Service Design
2022 Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design

Team role: Lead Designer

This project was a team project. The team generated the idea for this project together and each came up with a design, and the pros in each design was combined into the final design. In this project, I used critical thinking, design research, interview, human-centered design, Fusion 360, Keyshot 11, Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro